The Customer

A full-service transportation provider offering convention shuttles, charter services, event transportation, organizational and planning services, program management services, and support staff.

The Challenge

The Company was relying on a manual process for the sale of their services. They needed an automated “proposal to program” process to enable the sale of their transportation solutions in a swift and streamlined manner. The management team desired increased visibility into their sales pipeline. In addition, they desired a system that was able to manage their parking property portfolio.

The Solution

Magenium implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRMOL to replace their manual sales process, including minor customizations for sales dashboard capability that comes out of box with CRMOL. Working with the sales team, Magenium designed specific configurations to accommodate the desired features of their transportation solution into the sales cycle. Complex SSRS-based reports were developed and implemented for managing the parking property. 

The Success

By implementing Dynamics CRMOL, the Company was able to reduce the time to close rates of opportunities. Sales pipeline velocity increased dramatically. The improved sales accuracy transformed a manually intensive “order to program” process into highly effective and automated CRM-based capability. Management is now able to utilize the sales dashboards for better forecasting and transportation utilization. 

“It’s amazing how much time we save now. We used to keep track of everything by hand, now it’s all done automatically and we can concentrate on our customers.”