The Customer

An industry leader in software asset management, the client provides a solution for Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) offering both hosted and customer hosted models. 

The Challenge

A virtual company, all of their employees work from home throughout the country, in every time zone. CRM is the lifeline of their company and is used to track all sales, activities and support cases. Since the company’s inception they have relied on a home grown solution, but as their business grew the custom solution was not meeting their needs. The outdated CRM required their application developers to continuously maintain and extend for its usefulness. A new solution was required that could adapt and grow with their company as well as be configured and extended easily. 

The Solution

Magenium Solutions implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet their sales and marketing business needs. Dynamics CRM was customized to track their complex sales process involving multiple departments to ensure that all important data is captured and easily accessible to deliver a seamless sales experience to the customer. The challenge of employees working in different locations requires everyone working from the same sheet of music. The Dynamics CRM sales process helps them track the pipeline to ensure they aren’t missing opportunities by overlooking or losing track of them. They also are easily able to recall or refer back to notes on the opportunity or customer, as well as any interactions between the customer and the sales team.

In addition, Magenium implemented ClickDimensions to extend their ability to market to their customers. Trade publications and web advertising are used to generate prospects and leads, and captured through ClickDimensions forms. From these forms, they are able to track lead sources to help them understand which sources are generating the most sales. ClickDimensions is also used to manage their email marketing campaigns.

Dynamics CRM implementation allows the client to track all aspects of their marketing and sales efforts without losing any details or forgetting about opportunities. The bottom line is improved sales.

 “Magenium’s level of efficiency is remarkable. It’s comforting to have such incredible support from a trustworthy provider. They walk on water!”