Customer:  A community development financial institution that serves economically distressed communities and underserved people by providing access to financial services and products.

Challenge:  Within the institution, all departments have a sales/customer service role. Two of these departments were using to manage their database and customer records, the others were using Excel spreadsheets and sharing them via email. They needed to merge their disparate systems so all teams could have quick and easy access to shared data, have a secure environment for that data and set a foundation with enough flexibility to accommodate future growth.

Solution:  After reviewing their needs, Magenium Solutions recommended Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software was developed to optimize the use of customer data. The software captures data to provide bank employees with a comprehensive view of each customer’s life with the bank. It includes robust reporting tools that enable detailed, accurate analysis of marketing, sales, and service activities. Such data also contributes to meeting stringent regulatory requirements. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the perfect fit.

We approached the project with a staged implementation. As each department had unique needs, fine-tuning Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet the specific criteria of the different departments ensured that sales and customer satisfaction goals could be met in a cost-effective manner. The specific departments and their unique needs:
  • Mortgage Lending – mortgage refinance process flow using opportunities
  • Specialized Markets – contact management and new product opportunities and email marketing using ClickDimensions
  • Business Banking – sales pipeline with custom reports for opportunity penetration by zip code and neighborhoods
  • Commercial Banking - sales pipeline with custom reports for opportunity penetration by zip code and neighborhoods
  • Retail – lead referral, sales pipeline and activity tracking
  • Treasury Management – sales pipeline for treasury management product
  • Community Outreach  and Corporate Responsibility – contact management, document management and custom grant management process
  • Managed Assets – Custom managed asset process with heavy use of workflow and task generation and customer activity and interaction management
  • Credit Policy & Risk Management – created a custom xRM application to send and monitor tickler alerts to Credit Policy and Risk Management staff to follow up on documentation submission and loan compliance requirements
Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowed for better tracking and management of customer relationships and opportunities. They can now segment their customers by profitability and risk levels, behavior, and preferences. They can identify unmet needs and effective cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. They also were able to improve the productivity of your customer service teams by streamlining and automating follow-up processes, especially those that cross department and channel boundariesTechnologies Used: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ClickDimensions