The Customer

Illinois Wholesale is a competitive and reliable supplier of equipment, repair, parts and communications software for P.O.S. terminals.

The Challenge

Illinois Wholesale was in need of the support of a full time IT department with expertise in multiple technical areas after an internal staff member suddenly resigned. But as a medium-sized company, it was impractical, innefficient and cost prohibitive to hire new staff. Magenium’s comprehensive audit of the customer’s infrastructure environment exposed many problem areas that needed to be addressed quickly, including an outdated email and phone system. 

The Solution

Magenium’s team went to work to solve the initial crisis immediately. From there we implemented Office 365 and Lync systems to solve email and phone needs, along with a 3rd party hosting for their website. We virtualized their data center and are proactive in monitoring all systems to stay on top of things before “issues become issues.”

Magenium used OnTime methodology to be proactive to avoid problems, schedule response times 24/7, control costs and deliver savings to the customer. They have the support of an entire IT team for less than the cost of one internal employee.

The customer is now able to go about the business of running their business, and leave all the technical issues and expertise to the Magenium team. It’s like money in the bank.

“Magenium’s level of efficiency is remarkable. It’s comforting to have such incredible support from a trustworthy provider. They walk on water!”